Following are the results for the 27th annual Manasquan Classic Longboard Contest put on by the Manasquan Boardriders Club.  This was one of our most attended events with over 130 entries. The waves were 5-6 feet all day with some of the best waves coming through in the Mens final at the end of the day.  



1. Charles Mencel

2. Jake DeMatteo

3. James Contrares

4. Jason Brenner

5. John Valgenti

6. Aaron Jaimison



1. Rebecca Mencel

2. Megan Comer

3. Meredith Miedama

4, Kate Imswiler

5. Elizabeth Kirk

6. Joanne Hadley



1. Shane Boyle

2. Dave Elias

3. Gerry Matthews

4. Bob Duerr

5. Greg Willis

6. Ron Armondo



1. Vince Troneic

2. Monk Monroe

3. Scott Edrington

4. Nei Wareham

5. Mike Howes


Jr. Men

1. Jesse Hulsart

2. Niland DiLucio

3. Shane Devine

4. Noah DiSibio

5. Gavin Meseroll

6. Ryan Tracy


Jr Women

1. Audrey Iglay

2. Aleyna Schuett

All of the proceeds from this event and the Softboard Rodeo, which we held back in July will be donated to local charities.  In the past we have supported the Manasquan First Aid, Manasquan Elks and Manasquan Recreation. 

Thank you to all the participants and our Sponsors!!


1. Shane Boyle

2. Niland DiLuchio

3. Peter Anderson

4 Willie Burton

5. Elizabeth Kirk

6. Donovan Brown

7. Joanie “The Mole” Sapienza



1. Tanner Schmidt/Audrey Iglay

2. Jake DeMatteo/Sway

3. Tim & Moorea Fitch

4. Ella Condon/Seton Iglay

5. Owen Quigley/Reese Miller

6. Jake Miller/Garrett Devine

7.Gracyn Walsh/Lila Schmidt



1. Jesse Hulsart

2. Nicholas Gardella

Tie 3. Shane Devine & Niland Diluchio

4. Evan Schuett


Sand Fleas

1. Donovan Brown

2. Ella Condon

3. Garrett Devine

4. Owen Quigley 

5. Joanna McDOnald

6. Reese Miller



1. Grayson Fitch

2. Jake Miller

3. Finn Holloway

4. Cormac Johnson

5. Mia Gardella

6. Kiera Soleau


Thank You Sponsors 

       Men’s Open Longboard Division       


Women’s Open Longboard Division    

Jr. Men’s Division 


Jr. Women’s Division 


AARP Open Longboard Division



Grand Legends Longboard Division  



Menehunes -10 and under

Sand Fleas - 11 & 12 Yr


Groms - 13 to 15 Yr

                            Clown Division



Tandem Division


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