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Some would say surfing started with the Beach Boys, maybe Gidget, or Duke Kahanamoku's surfing exhibition in Atlantic City. It goes back beyond Keller's Surfshop, Danish's Bait and Tackle, Islanders Surfshop...there were many "start up's" who marketed (over the counter or the under the table) SURFING.
As of the 1960's, Surfing took off nationwide  - not that it was recognized as socially acceptable in NJ. Surfing has come a long way since those days and Manasquan has remained one of the most challenging, iconic waves of the Eastern Seaboard. The list of visitors alone are testament to the break.
Who??  Here's a few....David Nuuhiwa, Corky Carroll, Robert August, Jesse Fernandez, Greg & Jed Noll, Weber, up to more recent aces, Wingnut, Alex Knost, Mike DeTemple, Matt Kechele, Andy Irons, Peter Medina, DeTemple, Silvagni, and many, many others. 

                        History of surfing at Manasquan Inlet...


Memorial Paddle Out for Chris Rooney
June 15th 2019

Memorial Paddle Out for Chris Robinson
July 1st 2019

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